If you plan to visit Old Trafford, you should know that you have several options available. You can either choose Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Victoria, or Manchester Airport. Alternatively, you can use buses and take a taxi. Regardless of the option, you will find some helpful information and advice below.

Manchester Piccadilly

Manchester Piccadilly train station is the busiest station in Manchester, which has extensive facilities and dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. It is situated near the central business district in the city center and a short distance from many of the city’s attractions. The station also serves trains to Manchester International Airport, Glasgow Central, and Bournemouth, among others. The train station has two entrances: London Road, controlled by barriers, and the main entrance, which pedestrians use.

Manchester Piccadilly station has two platforms. There is a Metrolink tram line that passes under the station. There are lifts to access platforms 13 and 14. The tram line serves the city center so that passengers can get around the city by tram.

Broad Street has a long-stay car park just north of the station. If you want to take a taxi, you can use the cab ranks on Fairfield Street. Another good option is Metrolink trams, which run between Piccadilly train station and the stadium. The journey takes about ten minutes.

If you are traveling by train, Manchester Piccadilly train station is the nearest train station to Old Trafford. The train station is only 30 minutes away from Old Trafford. You can also use the CROSSCOUNTRY train to reach Old Trafford from Manchester Piccadilly station.

Manchester Victoria

If you’re planning a day trip to Manchester’s Old Trafford stadium, you can use the city’s many train stations to get to Old Trafford. Manchester Victoria train station is located about three miles from Old Trafford and offers many services throughout the region and the country. Depending on your route, you can catch a train between Manchester Victoria and Old Trafford in less than half an hour.

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Manchester Victoria is located on the northern edge of the city center. This central train station is connected to the city’s Metrolink tram system. It is the mainline station and is near Manchester Cathedral. It also adjoins Manchester Arena, built on the part of the station’s former site. Victoria station is part of the Manchester station group, the third busiest station in the city.

Manchester Victoria is home to six railway platforms and a Metrolink stop. There are two bay platforms and four through platforms. The Metrolink platforms are parallel to the bay platforms and are located south. You can buy a ticket at the tram stops. You can also board a Metrolink train to Manchester Airport.

If you’re coming from further afield and want to avoid paying for parking at Old Trafford, you can use the Metrolink, which runs every 10 minutes. A dedicated Metrolink stop serves the Etihad Stadium. Alternatively, you can take a tram from Piccadilly to the stadium. You’ll need to prebook your ticket if you’re traveling by car.

Manchester Airport

There are several ways to get to Old Trafford in Manchester. You can take the train from London and the Metrolink to Old Trafford station. You can get the train to Salford Quays or the Lancashire County Cricket Club. If you prefer to walk, you can also take a bus to Old Trafford. Many bus routes go to Old Trafford, and tickets can be purchased for as low as $1.

Manchester Piccadilly train station is the nearest station if you travel by train. It’s less than a thirty-minute walk to the stadium. You can also take a Metrolink tram from the lower level of Piccadilly station.

Metrolink runs throughout the city. It connects all major rail stations and tourist attractions. It also extends to nearby towns such as Altrincham and Bury. The train station at Manchester Airport runs hourly direct services to Liverpool. It’s also conveniently located next to Manchester’s city center.

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Old Trafford stadium is the home of Manchester United football club. It has a seating capacity of 74,140. It is also home to the club shop, Red Cafe, and Manchester United Museum. You can even take a tour around the stadium. The stadium is also located close to Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Manchester Craft Centre

The Manchester Craft Centre is where you can find unique and high-quality crafts. The Victorian-style building is filled with contemporary jewelry, ceramics, and art for sale. Visitors can browse through the special collections before purchasing them. The center is open daily and is located just a few minutes from the Old Trafford Manchester train station.

Manchester is home to several cultural institutions, including the UNESCO City of Literature. The city is preparing for a new cultural venue, The Factory, which will be the permanent home of the Manchester International Festival. The town also boasts a thriving shopping scene. You can find various reasonably priced goods, whether unique items or affordable gifts.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for your loved ones, consider the Manchester Craft Centre. This prominent place features handmade items from independent designers. There are textiles, glass, and ceramics on sale, as well as prints and homeware. It’s located in a beautiful Victorian building.

If you want to visit a brewery, Manchester is home to some excellent pubs and breweries. There are a few places that are renowned for their beers. One of these is the Sandbar, which was launched in 1996. It was initially a Belgian and German beer bar but recently shifted its focus to local breweries. It also accepts cryptocurrency.

Metrolink trams

You can choose from many travel options if you plan to attend an Old Trafford match. You can get on the train or use the Metrolink trams, which will contact you to the stadium in less than 20 minutes. The nearest train stations to Old Trafford are Victoria and Piccadilly. The stadium is also easily accessible by bus. If you are looking for the quickest way to get there, you should choose a tram.

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If you want to take the Metrolink tram to Old Trafford, you can take the Piccadilly line. This route is less crowded and will get you to Old Trafford in fifteen minutes. Once you’re at the Metrolink station, you can follow the signs to Old Trafford.

Metrolink buses also go to Old Trafford if you are traveling by car. The 255 bus stops nearby at Trafford Bar, and the 256 bus stops there at 00:48. Another way to get to Old Trafford is by Metroshuttle bus, which stops at Corporation St. It is possible to reach Old Trafford via train from both stations. However, the Metrolink is the most popular form of transport.

Old Trafford is accessible from many locations, including Manchester City Centre. Metrolink trams run on different routes, and a Metrolink tram stop in Stretford serves this stop. Many sports fans use this route to travel to Old Trafford. It takes approximately ten minutes to get to Old Trafford from the city center. Ticket machines and cycle lockers are located at the station. The Metrolink tram stop in Stretford also serves as a park and ride area.


If you’re coming to see an Old Trafford Manchester match, the nearest train station is the Manchester Victoria train station, which is 7.005 miles away. Taxis at this train station are calculated on a minimum fare and a per-mile rate for subsequent miles. However, you should note that taxis in Manchester charge extra for night travel and will have additional fees on the fare card.

Depending on your vehicle type, larger vehicles are more expensive than smaller ones. A minibus will cost you around PS40-PS60, while a multi-purpose taxi will cost around PS70 or more. Make sure you double-check the price, as prices can change without notice.

Manchester has thousands of taxis, both private hire, and hackney. Hackney cabs are the city’s most common type of taxi, and you can hail them on the street. You can also find official taxi ranks at all significant points. A taxi rank is a great way to get to your destination.

Old Trafford is home to the Manchester United Football Club, which plays its home games at the Old Trafford stadium. The stadium is one of the largest in the country and the second largest in the world after Wembley in London. It also hosts many significant events, including England and FA Cup finals. The annual Super League Grand Final is also held here.