There are several areas of Manchester which are considered to be dangerous. You should avoid these areas if you are looking for an excellent place to live. These areas include Moss Side, Levenshulme, Cheetham Hill, and Openshaw. However, if you are moving to the city, you can still look for a decent place to live.


Levenshulme in Manchester is a rough and tumble area with a reputation for being unsafe. Residents have taken measures to change this by redeveloping the site. They have started the Station South project, including a cycle cafe, a bar, an urban garden, a co-working space, and a pathway for people with disabilities.

Although the area is far from the city center, it has good transport links and bus services. It also has a large population of Indian and Pakistani people and is home to several local shops, cafes, and restaurants. It has recently become one of the hottest places in Greater Manchester.

Levenshulme is situated outside the city center and has a diverse population. It is also home to many Pakistani and Indian restaurants and is accessible via bus and rail. Although it is a rough area, residents are generally nice and friendly. Despite this, the media portrays a picture that is not a true reflection of the neighborhood.

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Two years ago, a woman was raped in Cringle Park. The incident struck a chord with the local community in Levenshulme. The following week, hundreds of people participated in a Walk Without Fear, and police presence increased. However, no long-term solutions were put in place.

Moss Side

The shooting in Moss Side has put the neighborhood in a bad light. Two men were shot dead at an illegal rave in the area. One of them was in his 30s, the other in his 20s. Both were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, and one died of his injuries. It is believed that the rave was held in a car park overlooking flats. The next day, a family-friendly Black Lives Matter event occurred in the area. However, local councilors stressed no connection between the two events.

Although Manchester has a low crime rate, some neighborhoods remain extremely dangerous. Moss Side is one of the least safe areas in the city. Longsight, Hulme, and Blackley are also considered hazardous. Despite these issues, residents in these areas tend to be friendly and helpful. Whether you live in the city or nearby, it’s essential to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and to stay away from troubled areas.

Moss Side is an inner-city neighborhood in the Manchester metropolitan area. It is approximately 1.9 miles (3.1 km) south of the city center. According to the 2021 census, Moss Side has a population of 20,745. Hulme borders it to the north, Chorlton-on-Medlock to the east, and the Whalley Range to the south. The neighborhood is mainly residential, with Victorian terraces dominating the landscape. The Alexandra Park Estate, built in the 1970s, overlooks the area.

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Cheetham Hill

During the past week, a man has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester. Strangers have raped a woman in her twenties and her 40s in the area. Both women were attacked around 4.30 am on the street in Cheetham Hill.

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Cheetham Hill is a diverse community, with many ethnic groups living in the neighborhood. This neighborhood is also one of the priciest in Manchester, with the median price of a house near PS500,000 — more than double the average price. For these reasons, the area is not the best choice for raising a family.

Manchester is relatively safe, but you still need to use common sense if you want to enjoy your vacation without worrying about crime. The city’s high level of traffic and the tendency for people to drive on the wrong side of the road creates a dangerous environment for tourists. There are also several pickpockets in the city, and it is essential to keep your belongings safe at all times.


The area of Openshaw in Manchester is close to the center of Manchester and the M60, so it is easily accessible. The site has seen some good investment in recent years. It is near the National Cycling Centre and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. There’s also a new civic hub, a Metrolink tram line, and decent parks. The community is tight, and the prospects are suitable for the area.

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While Manchester isn’t as safe as other major cities in the UK, it is comparatively safe. It ranks as the 19th safest city in the United Kingdom. Although there are fewer crimes than in other cities in the country, you should always use your instincts and avoid going out alone at night. It would help if you also stuck to well-lit areas.

Openshaw is home to many families, many of whom live in the area. It is a diverse area, with a higher proportion of residents born in other countries than in the UK. This is due to the large immigrant population. Residents of Openshaw rate their health as excellent or above average.

Despite being a residential area, Openshaw is one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. According to statistics from Manchester Metropolitan Police, one burglary is committed every three days. This area is also home to the city’s highest number of thefts. In 2018 alone, this area had 318 robberies and 885 burglaries.


Spinningfields in Manchester is an area that was devastated by the 1996 IRA bomb and has been extensively redeveloped since. The site is now home to the Manchester Cathedral, Shambles Square, Exchange Square, and Cathedral Gardens. It is a busy business district with various restaurants and shops.

This area is popular with young people and is not safe for families. The Spinningfields district is located just north of the Northern Quarter and is home to upscale bars and restaurants. The area also has many expensive apartments. It is a good neighborhood for singles but is not recommended for families.

Despite its reputation, Manchester is generally considered a safe city. Its crime rate is not much higher than most major cities in Europe and North America. However, it is still important to exercise caution, especially at night. Avoid walking alone, and stick to well-lit areas.

There are plenty of areas in Manchester to choose from, including Albert Square. This vibrant area has a great mix of restaurants and cafes. Spinningfields is not in the middle of the city, so it is relatively quiet. You can enjoy the nightlife there without feeling too close to the noise.