The first developments of Salford Quays were residential. These consisted of low-rise flats and townhouses. Over the years, high-rise buildings have been constructed, creating a greater housing density. Many of these flats are located opposite Trafford Road.

Living in Salford Quays

The Salford Quays is one of the UK’s most sought-after areas for rental property. The area is home to several large media and technology companies, including BBC and ITV, and dozens of smaller companies shaping the digital economy’s future. Salford Quays is a great place to live, work, or visit and is fast becoming one of Manchester’s most vibrant and desirable areas.

Apartments in Salford Quays range from PS650 for a studio to PS2000 for a two-bed property. While there is a wide range of rental properties, there is an increased proportion of owner-occupiers, which shows that people in Salford Quays are keen to stay in the area.

The area is also home to many restaurants and pubs. Some of the best places to eat and drink in Salford Quays include Pier Eight restaurant and Damson restaurant. If you want a more casual lunch, you should visit CAU for its authentic Argentinian meat. You can also try Penelope’s Kitchen, a hipster-chic lunch spot behind Pie Factory. Salford Quays is also home to the BBC and ITV studios. The Lowry theatre and the National Trust’s Ordsall Hall will also be found.

In addition to being a waterfront destination, Salford Quays has become an essential part of the city’s development. Media City UK has become a significant part of Salford Quays, and the area has become a place of international significance for technology and media companies.

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Property market

The area of Salford Quays is vibrant, with many amenities and properties. Its location is ideal for those looking to live near the media and culture industry. MediaCityUK has been an essential addition to the area, and its regeneration is set to continue. This area is home to some of the UK’s largest media companies.

The regeneration of this area has led to a surge in demand for property. It is also home to MediaCityUK, a purpose-built business hub for creative industries. The regeneration project has created over 1,000 jobs and is expected to continue to attract inward investment. MediaCityUK is also home to the Lowry Theatre and the Imperial War Museum. In addition, Salford Quays is the home of the set for ITV’s Coronation Street. The area also houses the University of Salford, which has around 20,000 students. It has a main campus in the Peel Park area and a satellite campus in Media City.

The area has been developing over the last few decades and has a great rental market. Media City employees have relocated from London to the site, making Salford Quays a desirable area for renting apartments and houses. In addition, it has excellent buy-to-let potential.


A new community garden is being created as part of a broader revamp of Salford Quays. Located on land south of the Salford Watersports Centre, volunteers and the local Rangers team will look after the park. It will feature four planting beds and bring a new splash of color to the area.

Work will start on Monday 24 January and last approximately eight weeks. The council’s Landscape Team will undertake the work, funded through Section 106 contributions from the new developments in Salford Quays. The landscape project is also part of the council’s commitment to improving the area’s green infrastructure.

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The Salford Quays restoration project aims to improve existing transport routes and create bike and walkable areas. The city council teamed up with Urban Vision Partnership to oversee the project. Since the project began in September 2010, the Quays have seen positive changes. In addition to the new greenery, the area also boasts flourishing birch trees.

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This new greenery is essential for the city’s long-term sustainability. It will provide much-needed color and wildlife, boost biodiversity and reduce the impact of climate change. In addition, the new area will provide a vibrant public space.


If you’ve ever visited Salford Quays, you might have noticed the beautiful green spaces and tree-lined walkways. These areas have been around for over 35 years, but they need regular maintenance to keep them healthy and growing to maturity. For this reason, you’ll want to take advantage of the community garden, which features a variety of plants and shrubs that make the area look beautiful.

But before you head down to the Quays, remember there is a risk of injury when you engage in open water swimming or paddleboarding. If you’re a first-timer to this type of activity, it’s a good idea to take the proper precautions to avoid being hurt by someone’s missiles.

Salford Quays is also home to a Helly Hansen Watersports Centre, which offers a variety of water sports activities, such as powerboating and wakeboarding. This facility provides both individual tuition and full-course programs. Additionally, you can visit the nearby Imperial War Museum North for a unique look at the impact of war.

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Arts center

The Lowry Arts Centre is the first major project completed in Salford Quays. It was designed by Michael Wilford and named after the Stretford-born painter L. S. Lowry, who studied at the nearby Salford Technical College. Visitors to the center can view Lowry’s collection of over 400 paintings and works in the gallery space, alongside contemporary art exhibitions.

The arts center is part of a massive refurbishment project on Salford Quays, which used to be a working port. The port closed in 1981 and is being transformed into a residential area. Pier 8 is the last remaining substantial land parcel. It features a Greek Revival monument with a narrow bell tower and semicircular Ionic portico.

The Lowry also has a restaurant and bar, Pier Eight, which serves contemporary British food. It is the place to enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the art. The Pier Eight complex includes a restaurant that features local ingredients. Nearby, you can also find the Lowry Outlet Centre.

In addition to the Arts Centre, the Salford Quays Hotel features an excellent restaurant. Located by the Bridgewater Canal, the Salford Lads’ Club also offers a range of activities for young people. Old Trafford Stadium is another major attraction. The stadium has been home to Manchester United since 1910. It was designed by Archibald Leitch and has undergone several renovations throughout the century.


Shopping in Salford Quays is an exciting and affordable way to spend the day. The city’s outlet mall offers more than 80 stores, a seven-screen cinema, and restaurants. The area is easily accessible via buses and trams from the center of Manchester. Many of the stores in Salford Quays are incredibly affordable, with discounts of up to 70% off the RRP!

Salford Quays is a thriving area of Manchester and is home to the famous Lowry theatre and arts center. The room was once the site of the Manchester Docks and is one of the first regeneration projects of its kind in the UK. The Lowry Theatre, designed by Sir Michael Wilford, is one of the landmarks of Salford Quays.

The O2 is located nearby at Salford Quays. The postcode for this location is M50 3AG. If you plan to use a GPS, the postcode for this location is M50 3AG. The area is also accessible by public transport, including route 50.

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