When deciding whether Bury, UK is a good place for you and your family, you’ll want to know a little about the city. Bury is located about 5.5 miles east of Bolton, 7.9 miles south of Rochdale, and is served by the Manchester Metrolink tram system. Bury is also known as Buri, an Old English word that means castle. It was later transformed into the modern English borough.


Bury in Manchester UK is a beautiful town located in the Greater Manchester region. The city is on the River Irwell and is 5.5 miles east of Bolton. It is about seven miles north of Manchester and is home to a lively open-air market. It is also known for black pudding, a popular local delicacy.

There is a large variety of properties in Bury, and you should be able to find something that suits your needs. The town has many family-sized properties at reasonable prices and is well-connected by public transport. The area is an excellent choice for young families or commuters looking for an affordable, family-friendly place to live. The town is near the edge of the open countryside, so you can enjoy country living without spending a fortune. The average price of three-bed semi-detached in Bury is PS180,000, which makes it an affordable place to live with a family.

The town is also home to two shopping centers. The Millgate center has a range of high-end brands, while the new Rock shopping center features a multi-screen cinema and bowling alley. It is also home to an art gallery and several department stores, including Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Boots, and Michael McMahon.

There are several parks in Bury, including Prestwich and Heaton Park. The town has an excellent public school system. Its schools include Heys School, St Monica’s High School, and Parrenthorn High School. There is also a Jewish school, Manchester Mesivta School.

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Burrs Country Park

If you’re looking for a place to live in Manchester, UK, that has lots to offer; Burrs Country Park could be an excellent choice. This area is home to a thriving community, including a Friends of Burr’s group. This group works to improve the park through fundraising and practical projects. These projects include gardening clubs, balsam bashing, and litter-picking. The park has also been awarded the Green Flag Award since 2005, recognizing its excellence in greenspace management. The award is based on several factors: cleanliness, sustainability, community involvement, health, heritage, and environmental management.

Burrs Country Park is a 36-hectare site located just a mile outside Bury Town Centre. This Green Flag Award-winning park is a popular location for walking, hiking, fishing, and nature watching. It is also home to the East Lancashire Railway, which runs along the park’s edge and provides a unique opportunity to view steam engines.

Burrs Country Park was once home to the Burr and Higher Woodhill cotton mills. It is also home to a feeder canal for the Elton Reservoir, which feeds the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal. Three sculptures are located on the park’s Irwell Sculpture Trail.

The park is set in a picturesque countryside setting. It has a wildlife habitat and is part of the Irwell Sculpture Trail. The park also boasts a new café. Burrs Country Park is a great place to call home if you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood.

A great place to live with a family in Manchester includes the Lake District and the Peak District. The city is also home to many cultural events and historic buildings. Travel around Manchester has become easier and faster with the introduction of trams. Children often use the trams as school buses. The city’s two main railway stations are easily accessible by tram, and regular services connect it to London.

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House prices in Bury

As of August 4, 2022, the average price for a property in Bury was PS215,000. This represents an increase of 3.0% over the previous twelve months. While there were a few exceptions, this figure still represents a significant increase over the PS140,000 buyers paid in 2006.

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Bury is a large market town in Greater Manchester, home to the world-famous open-air market and legendary black pudding. It is famous for first-time buyers and families seeking a home outside the city. It was also recently announced that it will become the first Greater Manchester Town of Culture in 2020. House prices in Bury are surprisingly affordable, according to Zoopla Property Group, with an increase of 3.07% in the past three months. Although house prices in Bury are increasing, they remain lower than those in other parts of Greater Manchester.

The city’s property market has experienced sustained growth over the past few years, with prices rising as much as 8.4% since July 2014. This is likely attributed to the new developments in nearby boroughs such as Salford Quays. The borough is also home to a thriving business community, and increased infrastructure has increased property prices.

Despite the recent lockdown, the UK property market has experienced a mini-boom since the lockdown was lifted. Prices have risen, but they are expected to fall in the coming months due to the removal of government support schemes. Although the property market remains buoyant, the impact of the coronavirus is beginning to be seen.

Access to Manchester via Metrolink system

The Metrolink system in Manchester is a modern light rail system. It operates seven lines and has features of both trams and heavy rail. Metrolink services are used by the private company Serco. The metro system began working in 1992 and carried more than 18 million passengers in 2004. The system provides convenient access to the city’s major attractions.

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Access to Manchester by Metrolink is easy. Its electric tram system has almost 100 stops throughout the city. It is divided into four zones, but most people spend most of their time in zone one, the city center. Unfortunately, trams aren’t free and are not compatible with Oyster cards. However, Metrolink offers travel that allows you to use trams for a fixed fee.

Metrolink services several suburbs outside the city. For example, if you want to get to a nearby university, you should take the train from the airport to the city. The South Manchester Line will take you from the city center to Didsbury, with eight stations. The route will be extended to Stalybridge shortly.

Metrolink is an affordable way to get around Manchester if you’re traveling in the city. The Metrolink tram system connects the city’s major tourist attractions and railway stations. It runs every few minutes, and you can board at any time of day or night. It’s essential to buy a ticket before boarding. The Metrolink Get Me There App can help you plan your journey and purchase tickets in advance.

The Metrolink system has reached its 30th birthday this year, and the government has invested PS1bn in its development. However, some ridership figures show that buses are still the more popular mode of public transport in Manchester. In fact, in 2019/20, bus users carried four times more passengers than Metrolink.

Safer than London

Manchester is one of the safest cities in the UK. It is safer than many other major cities in the world. Its crime rate is lower than the UK average. Although some high-crime areas, such as Blackpool, the rest of Manchester is relatively safe. However, it’s always a good idea to follow common sense and avoid walking alone at night. It would help if you also stuck to well-lit areas.

Bury is a vast place. You’ll need to decide where you want to live — lower Radcliffe is a wealthy neighborhood near the town center, as is the real estate between Radcliffe and Whitefield. You can also live in more affluent areas like Ramsbottom, Whitefield, Prestwich, or the predominantly Jewish Heywood.

Manchester has a low crime rate and is relatively safe during the day. The most significant risks, however, are pickpockets and antisocial behavior on public transport. Although Manchester has its fair share of deprived neighborhoods, this is generally not a cause for concern since it’s one of the safest cities in the world.

If you want to live somewhere a little more affordable than London, consider moving to Manchester. It’s smaller than London, but still has all the excitement of a big city. It’s also home to Manchester Airport, one of the best-run international airports in the UK and the busiest outside of South East England.