You can get to Old Trafford from Manchester Piccadilly Airport in a few different ways. You can take the train, a taxi or a bus, depending on your preference. The following will give you more information on how to get there.

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The cheapest way to get from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Trafford

There are many ways to get from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Old Trafford. If you’re planning on visiting Old Trafford, it’s best to know the cheapest way to get there first. The easiest way is by train. Trains from Manchester Piccadilly run frequently. The journey to Old Trafford is around 3 miles long and takes about seven minutes. You can also take a tram to get there. Trams depart every fifteen minutes and cost between PS3 and PS7.

One option is to take a cab. If you are traveling by train, you will need to get off at the station that serves the Manchester United Football Ground. Some trains go to the stadium from platform 14, but they only run on match days. If you are going to Old Trafford on a day without a match, it might be a good idea to take a tram.

Another option is to take the train to Old Trafford Park. This option is the cheapest way to get to the stadium from Manchester. The journey can be as short as 23 minutes, depending on your chosen train. However, it may take longer on weekends and holidays, so be sure to check train times before deciding on a train.

If you want to save money while traveling to Manchester, you may want to consider buying a train ticket in advance. Many train operators release advance fares up to twelve weeks in advance. However, you should think that the demand for these tickets can be high. If you are not willing to wait for these tickets, you can try to purchase one an hour before the train departs.

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If you’re looking for a train to Old Trafford, the best way to get there is by using a train from Manchester Piccadilly Station. This train station is the largest and busiest in the north of England and is the easiest and fastest way to get to Old Trafford. You can also easily access this station from the M60.

Manchester Piccadilly station is located on the city’s north side, just five minutes from Old Trafford stadium. A train departs from Platform 14 at the Manchester Piccadilly station. The ride is about seven minutes long and costs around PS10 – PS13. Some trams run from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Trafford. You can use your contactless card or smart device to pay for a ticket.

Trains from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Trafford park can take approximately twenty-three minutes. However, the number of trains varies depending on the time of day. On weekends and holidays, train services can be more limited. However, the price of tickets may be lower if you book in advance.

Old Trafford Stadium is located in Manchester, in the county of Lancashire. Old Trafford is the home ground of the Manchester United soccer team. It is also the home venue for the Lancashire County cricket team. The stadium has hosted Test and One-day International cricket matches.

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If you’re driving, you can park your car in the long-stay car park on Broad Street, just north of the station. Alternatively, you can take the Metrolink to Old Trafford. There is also a dedicated Metrolink stop near the stadium.


If you are planning on going to Old Trafford, you have a few different options available for you to choose from. These options will vary in price depending on traffic, weather, and the time of day. A cab fare from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Trafford should cost around 6 GBP. If you are in a hurry to get to your destination, you can also opt for Uber to save some money.

Another option is to take the train from London. The journey from London to Manchester Piccadilly will take around an hour. Once you arrive at Manchester Piccadilly, you can take the Metrolink. You can get to Old Trafford from the station by walking or taking a Metrolink bus.

The Old Trafford stadium is the home of Manchester United. It has a capacity of 74,140 people and is also known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams. This stadium is one of the largest in the UK and is the second largest stadium in the world, after Wembley in London. The stadium is a 10-minute ride from the Manchester Piccadilly train station.

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Another option for traveling to Old Trafford is to take a Metrolink tram from Manchester Piccadilly. This service stops at the Lower Level of the station. If you plan to take a Metrolink tram, you’ll be able to get to Old Trafford in thirty minutes.

Another option is to take the Metrolink, a free tram that runs throughout the city. The service operates from early morning until late in the evening. The train system also has a free shuttle bus service that connects the main train stations, car parks, and businesses in the city center. You can purchase tickets for Metrolink either at the stop or on the get me there app.


You have several options if you are wondering how to get from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Old Trafford. Several bus companies offer routes that run to and from Old Trafford. These routes include Metrolink, Stagecoach Manchester, and Arriva North West. There are 703 services per week, many of which run on weekends and holidays.

The closest train station to the stadium is Manchester Piccadilly, around 20-30 minutes away. If you’d prefer to stay in the city center, many bus services run to and from SportCity. You can also walk from the station to the stadium, which is connected by a well-lit route.

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If you’d like to travel by train from Manchester Piccadilly to OldTrafford, the most convenient option is to take the Metrolink. This service runs from Piccadilly to Old Traffield and is located near Salford Quays and the Lancashire County Cricket Club. You can take this service to Old Trafford from Manchester Piccadilly in about 15 minutes.

The Metrolink tram network serves the city, with trams running every few minutes. It is free to board a tram, but you must purchase a Metrolink ticket before boarding. Tickets can be purchased at the tram stops, online, or through the get me their app. Bus routes also provide connectivity throughout Greater Manchester.


If you want to cycle from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Manchester Trafford, you can choose between walking and cycling. Walking routes in the city are great for stretching your legs after work, taking a lunch break, or exploring Greater Manchester before or after a conference. Several walking routes connect the city with other regional points, such as Chinatown, Gay Village, and St Peter’s Square.

You can also get to Old Trafford by train. There is a train station at Manchester Piccadilly, a short distance from the stadium. You can also catch a tram that takes about ten minutes to get to the stadium.

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The route from Manchester Piccadilly to Old Tottenham is a mix of quiet canal towpaths and open roads. The first stretch takes you through Castlefield, a trendy spot with beer garden real estate. The route then passes close to Old Trafford and Sale. From here, the landscape changes to a rural landscape.

The train station at Piccadilly station has two levels – a terminus platform and an undercroft platform. The former terminus platform is used for Manchester Metrolink trams. The undercroft was converted to tram platforms in the 1990s. Unlike Manchester’s other stations, Piccadilly has a great deal of parking and a variety of bike paths.

The tram service to Old Trafford is available 24 hours a day. The tram stops at Old Trafford are also on the Metrolink network. You can find out more information about Metrolink services on their website.