Guests are not permitted to disturb other guests, obstruct communal areas, or use the apartment for illegal or immoral activities. If a guest complains of these behaviors, an additional charge will be assessed, and the Management team will respond accordingly. In addition, complaints will be taken seriously.

No smoking

When booking a serviced apartment for a party, you must check the apartment’s policy on smoking. If you do not follow this policy, your stay will be canceled. You will also be penalized if guests are caught smoking in the apartment. Guests are also not allowed to throw hen or stag parties at the apartment.

Smoking is also prohibited in the apartments of Staycity. You will have to pay an extra $250 per night if you do. You should also avoid using naked flames in the apartment. It would help if you also respected the other apartment tenants and did not use them for illegal or immoral activities. If you are cited for smoking, the management team will remove you from the property and may charge you an additional fee.

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No pets

When booking serviced apartments, you should know that some properties don’t allow pets. These can include service dogs or assistance dogs. Service animals are dogs that are trained to assist humans with tasks. Service animals may also be emotional support animals, which provide comfort or therapeutic effects. Guests may make additional arrangements for an assistance animal if they wish.

No smoking inside

Smoking is against the law in serviced apartments. Smoking harms occupants’ health and can trigger an asthma attack, lead to ear infections, and worsen pre-existing conditions. In addition, secondhand smoke can trigger respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer in any part of the body. To protect residents, landlords should implement strict no-smoking policies. This policy will cover both the health of residents and tenants.

A no-smoking policy is easy to implement. Add a clause about no smoking to all leases or rental agreements. You can also post clear signage to inform residents about the new policy. This policy will be dealt with like any other lease violation. Some property managers may not be aware of the legal protections and remedies for non-smokers and people who suffer from the effects of secondhand smoke.

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If you notice resident smoking inside a serviced apartment, contact the management office to report the problem. This is a requirement of your lease with the BHA. You can do this by phone or email. The contact number will vary depending on the location. You can also speak with a management staff member in person.

Besides asking for a copy of the smoking policy, you should keep a journal for when you smell smoke. Please write down the details of the smell, including what time and where you smell it. If the scent reoccurs again, write a second letter to the landlord. Explain that you have smelled smoke two or three times and why. If you continue to smell smoke after contacting the landlord, you can file a complaint with the landlord’s supervisor.

A smoke-free policy reduces insurance costs. Additionally, it lowers maintenance costs and reduces the risk of fire. It is also an excellent way to help tenants who suffer from health problems. Lastly, it allows tenants to ask for lower insurance premiums.

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No smoking in communal areas

If you are hosting a party at a serviced apartment, you must ensure no smoking in the communal areas. You can ask the service provider to provide this is not an issue. Serviced apartments are not permitted to allow smoking in the apartment. It is essential to ask about smoking policies before booking your apartment. Make sure that you get a written confirmation from the property owner. If the property has smoking restrictions, it will be better to hold out until you find another property that will meet your needs.

Smoking in communal areas is often a nuisance and a health risk for other residents. It is important to remember that smoke easily migrates from one unit to another. Some apartment buildings have laws prohibiting smoking in communal areas, making it a good idea to avoid them if you plan to throw a party there.

Smoking restrictions are often enforced through state and local laws. These laws aim to protect the health of the public. Smoking in rented apartments can be illegal if the landlord does not inform tenants of the restrictions. Moreover, it is the tenant’s responsibility to observe the rules. In some cases, it can even lead to the uninhabitability of the unit, which is why landlords should try to implement such regulations.