The Imperial War Museum North is located in the metropolitan borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester. This branch is one of five Imperial War Museum branches across the world and explores the impact of modern conflicts on people and society. The Museum’s first branch is located in the north of England.

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Big Picture Show

The Big Picture Show is an immersive cinematic experience reflecting war’s immediate and long-term consequences. Experience the first-hand stories of soldiers, children, civilians, and aid organizations and their experiences during and after conflict. The Big Picture Show immerses you in action using the latest HD technology and surrounds sound, offering a moving sensory experience.

The Big Picture Show is an incredible and immersive experience, running every hour. There are also several interactive areas in the Museum and a cafe selling locally-grown produce. The Museum itself is a contemporary-style space, and the show is presented through a series of pictures, films, and other visual media, all projected on the walls.

Pro Audio Systems supplied the show with an updated audio system, which is ideal for significant events. The Big Picture Show uses surround sound, as well as digital moving images and photographs that are projected onto the screens. The audio system provides 32 audio tracks to 24 screens, each with its dedicated projector. The system also doubles as a fill system for a more extensive Meyer system dedicated to corporate events.

The earth shard, which houses the Museum’s core exhibits, is an interactive space filled with presentations and changing sound and light shows. It also houses a separate exhibition hall. The earth shard is designed at an angle and has six themed silos. A central plinthed exhibit is a multimedia extravaganza that combines oral stories, art, and history.

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The Imperial War Museum North is a branch museum located in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester. It explores the effects of modern conflicts on people and society. As the first Imperial War Museum branch in the north, the Museum’s mission is to make visitors understand and appreciate the impact of war.

The Imperial War Museum North is one of five branches of the Museum in the United Kingdom. The Museum is open daily between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The Tea Room is also available during the school holidays. Admission is free, but you may need to pay a small admission fee if you want to view special exhibitions.

The Museum’s permanent galleries cover conflicts in the First and Second World Wars, 9/11, the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, and Korea. There is a special exhibition that focuses on the role of women in wartime. The exhibits also focus on the lives of British soldiers.

The Cafe at Imperial War Museum North has a wide variety of foods. The Museum’s menu features seasonal British fare that will delight visitors. The cafe also serves tasty pastries and refreshing beverages. The Museum’s members enjoy free entry to all branches. If you’re visiting the Museum, make sure to check out the permanent exhibitions and check out the Café.

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The Museum is also home to an interactive Horrible Histories short film projected on the main room’s walls. This film was entertaining and easy to understand. It also made me laugh with the scenes depicted.


Imperial War Museum North is a branch of the Imperial War Museum located in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester. It is the first branch located in the northern area of the UK and explores the impact of modern conflicts on people and society. The Museum is dedicated to the role played by soldiers, civilians, and those who have fought in wars.

The main focus of this Museum is the Battle of Britain, with items such as a Spitfire fighter in the atrium. There is also a secret German invasion map and pieces of a shot-down German He-111 bomber. The Museum’s permanent exhibition is arranged in chronological order, with some smaller items grouped.

A separate exhibition highlights the lives of ordinary people during the Second World War. The exhibit includes posters, photos, and toys from this period. One piece is a stuffed “Squander Bug,” an icon of wartime propaganda used to deter wasteful spending. It has Hitler-style cash and a bullet hole in its belly.

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The exhibition highlights the psychological and physical toll of war on soldiers. There are gruesome images of disfigured faces and displays of prosthetic limbs. The show also traces the impact of the war on entire societies. It reveals the interconnectedness between the Second World War and the Holocaust. Ten thousand V-1 flying bombs were dropped on British cities during the Second World War, killing more than 6,000 people. Not only are V-1s a part of the story of Britain and the Holocaust, but thousands of concentration camp prisoners died, making them.

In addition to the history of war, the exhibition features art influenced by it. Many works by the era’s foremost artists, including several newly acquired Henry Moore drawings, are some of the most moving depictions of life during the Blitz. Other artists include Leila Faithful and Eric Ravilious.

Permanent exhibits

The permanent exhibits at Imperial War Museum North are a mixture of historical artifacts and contemporary displays. One of the most interesting is the Curiosities of War exhibit, which displays wartime artifacts such as a sofa fashioned from fencing salvaged from an Afghan army base and a wooden horse used for training British army recruits during WWI. Another exhibit features a ruined Japanese fighter plane abandoned on a small Pacific island and discovered fifty years later. Visitors can also see the bar where leaders of the WWII Dambusters operation used to gather for a drink.

The Museum is also home to a new installation, Poppies, which first debuted in 2014 as part of the national cultural program to commemorate the First World War Centenary. The exhibition was conceived by ceramic artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper and handcrafted by a team of more than 300 people. The installation, created in memory of the fallen soldiers of the Great War, is now part of the permanent collection at Imperial War Museum North. There are twelve thousand and eighty thousand ceramic poppies in the installation.

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Another permanent exhibit in the Museum is a multimedia presentation of stories from veterans and their families about the war. Visitors can view audiovisual presentations of oral recollections and personal accounts of soldiers on the museum walls, known as “The Big Picture.” Initially, the Imperial War Museum North was already a huge success, and the new branch in Trafford was approved mainly because of the area’s World War II history.

The Museum also hosts an award-winning 360-degree audiovisual experience called the Big Picture Show. Survivors’ stories are accompanied by powerful portraits that remind visitors of their responsibility to remember. The Museum will also open new galleries devoted to the Second World War and The Holocaust that will preserve and interpret these stories. This project is expected to cost PS30.5 million and will make IWM the only Museum in the world to present the Holocaust narrative within the context of the Second World War.


Located in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, the Imperial War Museum North is one of five branches of the Imperial War Museum. It explores how modern conflicts affect society and people. It is the first Imperial War Museum branch located in the north of England. It provides visitors with a unique, hands-on experience of the impact of modern conflict on people’s lives. Visitors can learn about war and its effect on the lives of ordinary people, as well as the lives of soldiers and veterans.

The Museum features an award-winning 360-degree audiovisual experience. This exhibit is designed to evoke feelings and memories of war, and it features actual World Trade Center wreckage. The Museum also features six separate exhibition areas, or Silos, that explore different aspects of war. The Museum also includes a gift shop where visitors can buy books and souvenirs. Public toilets are also available.

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This Museum also has many temporary and permanent exhibitions to view. Families with children will appreciate the hands-on, interactive elements of this Museum. There is a craft and soft play area for the children to enjoy. During the summer, the Museum offers family-friendly events and a variety of activities.

The Imperial War Museum North is an accessible destination for families. With hands-on interactive exhibits, storytelling sessions, and events, this Museum is perfect for a day out with the family. Families can explore the Museum’s First World War trenches, the prisoner of war camp, and the evacuee life. The Museum also has a unique collection of art and objects from the war.